Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal Safe Ways

Maybe you are having problems with your armpits. In this article will discuss about How to Eliminate Underarm Hair Removal. Having underarm hair is the first woman shunned by men. We would not feel confident having underarm hair especially when issuing a very pungent odor.

For people who embraced Islam at the recommended by Major Prophet Muhammad SAW to the whole community to maintain their cleanliness. Shave her armpits are some of cleanliness in Islam, although many people believe myths about her armpits that if her armpits on razor would make underarm hair will be thick, but it's a myth. Remove underarm hair with a safe way is the desire of every person who wants to look better without having to hurt yourself.

If you can eliminate your underarm hair can be done in the traditional way or the modern way. Below will be presented underarm hair removal safe ways. But to remove the black color on the surface we have in the armpit armpits black and ways to eliminate them.

How to remove underarm hair in the traditional way

- The first way of uprooting one by one your armpits and after that then rub turmeric that has been dipped in water that contains whiting.

- How to apply the two materials are mixed in a way grind into powder and then mixed with lime juice in a measure the following 30 white cumin seeds, camphor as much as 3 the size of kelerang. then apply the mixture on your armpits after you've plucked entirely armpit.

- Third Way that is similar to the second way, just different materials. 30 Combine peppercorns and 3 grains of camphor and mix with coconut oil or kerosene. You do the same with the second.

How to remove underarm hair in a modern way

- Shaving

This is the easiest thing to do. Underarm shaving razor only capital but this alone does not make your underarm hair will be exhausted in a long time, but he was quite short and even underarm hair will grow in the next day. The results also lead to the surface of shaving your armpits to black. But to avoid it then before shaving brush shaving soap, shampoo or cream softener and then wear a sharp razor to avoid irritating your skin. Once you have finished your shave better basting again with moisturizer.
- Hair removal cream

Apply the cream to your underarm hair removal is the way to safely eliminate underarm hair depending on how you do it, and the cream is sold in many stores in your city. However, its use should be carefully due to the sensitive skin can cause irritation to the skin, but if your skin type is not sensitive then your armpits will be clean without having to work hard. Once you use it, use a moisturizing cream after your underarm hair is clean.
- Waxing / sugaring

This method is usually also done by people. You can do it yourself is to attach some sort of paper that has glue on one side, and stick the paper in your armpit and after all stuck then you pull the paper, and automatically all the armpit hairs stuck on the paper will be pulled out by itself. But you must do it carefully because if not then you will feel the pain. If you want better then you should ask professionals in the health and beauty of skin.
- Electrolysis

The way this one completely eliminate underarm hair permanently and it is still a relatively new invention. Given the flow of underarm hair with electricity so hair growth cells so dead. If you feel comfortable with this you better call for an expert do not you do it yourself if you do not know.

Hopefully the information how to remove underarm hair is useful for you.